Official changelog for Browser For Kids Ipad App.


Version 2.0
– Browser for Kids can now manage an unlimited number of allowed sites;
– Add/remove allowed sites from the list in settings page;
– “Other bookmarks” button: first 7 bookmarks are accessible from the homepage buttons, other bookmarks are accessible from a popup window;
– Improved user interface for even easier and powerful configuration;
– Better-looking graphics;
– Back/forward navigation buttons;
– Web loading status indicator;
– Improved domain’s field auto-fill algorithm in the settings page: now it allows for default all country domains of a site (i.e. allows navigation also in , , , etc.).

Version 1.0
– Up to 8 customizable allowed sites;
– Allowed sites are easily reacheables from one-touch immediate buttons;
– Time limit setup: after time limit end, Browser for Kids return back to the Home Page;
– Password protection of the settings page;
– Pinch to Zoom supported.

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